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Supporting from 5 continents across 25 languages.TalkCampus is the perfect solution for large universities and small colleges alike, whether your students are studying onsite or remotely. We cover a range of student demographics with a global community that is truly diverse.

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TalkCampus is
a shame changer

Instant, Ongoing Support
A world first global peer support community for students that provides your entire student body with support anytime of day, anywhere in the world via the TalkCampus app. Instant, ongoing support that relieves pressure on your student services, helps manage counselling wait times and integrates with your current services. 

Safe & Supportive

Students are part of a safe, supportive, community built from the ground up for mental health combining real-time 24/7 safeguarding and escalation, trained peer supporters and professional staff. Bilingual support ensures they can open up in their own language and helps international students and those studying abroad. 



of students said they would recommend TalkCampus.


of students tell us their place of study does not know they are struggling.


of students find it easier to ask for help since using TalkCampus.


TalkCampus from end-to-end.

When "the lot"
is just part of the package.

Student mental health is a growing concern. Demand for support is increasing and wellbeing teams need more resources to manage and encourage students to seek support as well as to provide out of hours care.
TalkCampus offers an end to end solution combining upstream support with real-time crisis escalation that is integrated with your existing procedures. We bring students together from across the globe and combine this with our state of the art machine learning, built in collaboration with MIT and Harvard University to offer users intelligent peer support that is intuitively designed, engaging and safe.



Open transparent reporting including real-time incident reports and quarterly sentiment and engagement reports. This provides valuable insight into how your students are coping and key trends.  

Fast Support

We’re always there for your students. Anytime, any day, anywhere. Students may be at home, off-campus, out of state or abroad, but they need support that is easily accessible with instant engagement - even at 2am. 

World Class Moderation

Built in collaboration with the worlds best minds in mental health. Real-time human in the loop moderation averaging 15 second response times. It's intelligent moderation built to scale across large populations.


Ease Demand

Takes pressure off your student services and reduces counselling backlogs with support 365 days a year wherever students are: home, abroad or on campus.

Worldwide Support

TalkCampus provides support to students wherever they are, localised across 25 languages with a diverse community.

All of your existing student services embedded in app for intelligent signposting alongside our verified 24/7 crisis support partners and global resources.


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What others are saying


“TalkCampus is providing a revolutionary way to reach students who are not engaging with existing services. It’s critical that we do more to reach students who are outside of the existing frameworks and connect them with relevant, timely support.”

Professor Matthew Nock
Department of Psychology
Harvard University


"There is a real need for services that not only provide a safe, supportive environment for support but that are also engaging and that students want to use. Critically, TalkCampus offers both."

Dr Janis Whitlock
Department of Psychology
Cornell University


“The lives of students always involves risks, but risks can turn into crises. TalkCampus is the first Student Mental Health Service that provides support around the clock, and for all levels of need, including crises”

Dr Richard Graham
Digital Psychiatrist


“Since launching in February 2020, TalkCampus has been well received by our students, with feedback highlighting that the platform offers a safe space to talk through their emotions. From our first demo by TalkCampus right through to the present day, the team have been efficient and responsive in supporting the launch of TalkCampus to University of London students, which has 50,000 students all over the world.”

Georgina Jeronymides-Norie
Student Experience Manager
University of London Worldwide

Research Partners


Integral to our mission is our commitment to furthering research and the understanding of mental health and wellbeing.
We believe that research is critical to the creation of impactful and relevant support options and that much is still unknown about the intersection of nonsuicidal self injury and suicidal self injury behaviours and the internet. We work with a number of world leading researchers undertaking key research questions to further the evidence base in this field whilst also having tangible practical application and impact.
Read all about our research collaborations here


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