Online Mental Health Support

Frequently asked questions

What is TalkCampus?

What is TalkCampus?

TalkCampus is an app based peer support platform where students come together from around the world and give and get support within a safe, supportive infrastructure.

How will our students access TalkCampus?

TalkCampus can be downloaded from the app stores. Once you have TalkCampus at your university your entire student body will have instant, ongoing access to the app.

Will TalkCampus be branded specifically for my institution?

TalkCampus will be specifically customised for your students with all of your student services embedded within the application. Your students will be able to talk with students all around the globe whilst having support options specific to their needs and place of study.

Is TalkCampus a crisis support service?

TalkCampus supports students to discuss difficult feelings however we have strict community guidelines to ensure this is done safely. If a student is at risk of harm we escalate them in real time to support, including informing their place of study via a customisable escalation pathway.

How is the platform kept safe?

TalkCampus combines unique machine learning classifiers with professional staff to provide real time escalation and moderation at massive scale. We identify within milliseconds whether a student is at risk and use this information to provide timely, relevant support.

Does peer support work?

The benefits of peer support are wide-ranging and well evidenced. Peer support can be an effective mechanism to support people with anxiety, depression, addiction and many other mental health issues. Participating in peer to peer support has been linked to: an increased ability to cope, a greater sense of wellbeing & resilience, higher levels of self-esteem and confidence. Since using our platforms: * 78% of users find it easier to ask for help * 77% say their relationships have improved * 72% feel more understood

Can your service support students overseas?

Yes! TalkCampus is a global app for students from all over the world. We can support your entire student population wherever they are. TalkCampus works well for students who are studying overseas as they can often feel isolated and struggle being away from home.

Does TalkCampus support mature students?

Yes! Many of our students are mature students, studying remotely or studying part time. TalkCampus is a great way to help people feel connected to their place of study and foster communities. The fact that TalkCampus is accessed via phone and is available round the clock can also help students juggling busy lives.

Can other people use TalkCampus?

No. TalkCampus has been built from the ground up solely for students. We don’t feel that it is safe for students to be engaging with other demographics. Students are required to sign in and verify their student status before using the app.

Are there professional staff on the platform?

TalkCampus is based on peer support with students supporting students. However, TalkCampus is safeguarded by our professional team who are constantly monitoring the platform.

What if my students are online in the middle of the night, will there be someone there?

Yes! TalkCampus has users located all over the world, across multiple time zones so there will always be someone online ready to connect with your students. Additionally, our global safety team are working around the clock and will be available to intervene in real-time if a student is struggling.

What reporting do you provide and when?

We know how important reporting is and we offer extensive de-identified quarterly reporting across both engagement and sentiment on the platform, benchmarking your students against the community as a whole and providing you with valuable feedback. We also provide real time incident reporting.

Will this put additional pressure on our counsellors or student services?

In our experience, TalkCampus takes pressure off existing services providing upstream support for students and ensuring that counselling services are freed up for those that really need them. Our safeguarding and escalation procedures are extremely robust and we work with you to devise reporting and escalation that works for your institution.

Can you tell me more about the student volunteering programme?

This is a fantastic opportunity for your students! Whether as part of their course or as a desire to learn new skills and give something back, students can take part in our online peer support training and become buddies on TalkCampus. This is a flexible, enjoyable programme and a great way for students to give back, volunteer whilst juggling the demands of student life. We teach valuable life skills across active listening, conveying empathy online, boundaries and self care. We offer full training, ongoing support and mentoring as standard.