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Using TalkCampus

How can I sign up to TalkCampus?

To join TalkCampus, you will need to use your University of London email address. This is so the platform can verify that you are a student. You were issued your unique University of London email address when you registered with the University. If you do not already use this email address, please access it by logging into the Student Portal and clicking on the ‘Email’ tab. If you are accessing your University of London email account for the first time, please note that your password is the same as your Student Portal password. Then simply follow the steps below:
1. Search 'TalkCampus' in the Google Play or App Store and download the free mobile app.
2. You will be guided through the easy sign up process and invited to read and agreed to the Community Guidelines and other policies.
3. Read through everything carefully, taking your time to understand the platform and how to get the most out of it.

Why do I have to use my University of London email address?

The reason we ask you to use your official University of London email address is for one purpose only: authentication and verification of your student status. TalkCampus is a network exclusively for students and using your University of London email address is the most reliable way to make sure no one else can gain access to the platform. This means it remains a safe space for the community it is intended for.
Please be reassured that TalkCampus is a confidential third party support service where your identity is protected. TalkCampus will not share personal identifying details or interactions of those using the platform, either with the University or any other third parties.

What is ‘peer support’?

It is informal support shared between peers rather than professionals.

I need urgent support, what can I do?

If you believe your life or the life of someone you know is in danger and are in need of urgent help, please see Additional Resources where there is more information and links to global crisis support centres around the world.

Do you collect any data and if so, how do you use it?

Data is collected and used for the purpose of gathering insights on how the platform is being used. Your TalkCampus data is de-identified, and never shared with third parties or advertisers. We encourage you to learn more about how we use your data through our privacy policy which can be found here.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. Please find the University of London policies here and those of TalkCampus here.

How ‘anonymous’ and ‘confidential’ is TalkCampus?

The only circumstance under which anonymity may be broken is if a student expresses explicit intent to harm oneself or others. If this is the case, your post will be escalated to your local services and TalkCampus will be in touch with the University to make us aware.

What can TalkCampus do?

TalkCampus is an online peer support community and not a clinical, counselling or therapy service. It cannot diagnose or treat users and does not provide advice or professional support. If you are worried about your own mental or physical health or someone else’s please seek professional help from a doctor or qualified health practitioner.
You are responsible for what you say on the platform, any advice you take, and what you do outside of TalkCampus.
TalkCampus is not a crisis support service and cannot support users who are suicidal. If someone is in need of immediate support, they are urged to contact the emergency services or one of the resources listed in the help centre.
We are unable to provide crisis support through TalkCampus. As such the platform does not allow posts that actively discuss suicide attempts or methodologies. TalkCampus prominently provide resources on where to seek crisis support help in our ‘I need help’ section in app. They also provide pop up signposting to users when they have drafted content that suggests they’re in crisis.

How is TalkCampus monitored and by whom?

TalkCampus Administrators TalkCampus has a global safety team working around the clock to remove inappropriate content, and users within seconds. Administrators are professional staff trained in moderation and safeguarding. Administrators review flagged content and content removed by the Moderators and have oversight of the platform 24/7. Administrators can also suspend and ban users.

Moderators A Moderator is a TalkLife volunteer who has gone through a thorough recruitment, training and assessment process to be able to remove content on TalkLife. Moderators remove content that is against the TalkLife Community Guidelines. Everything that is removed by a Moderator is reviewed by an Administrator. Moderators are members of the TalkLife community that want to give back and support others.

TalkCampus buddies/trained volunteers
A Buddy is a volunteer from the TalkCampus community who wants to give back and support others. TalkCampus volunteers go through training and assessment and learn how to support others online including active listening, conveying empathy and self-care. Buddies are there to welcome you in the community and support you as you work through the ups and downs of life.

TalkLife Clarity AI
TalkCampus is monitored by the TalkLife Clartiy AI and moderation engine. TalkLife Clarity uses machine learning models to classify content shared on TalkCampus in order to facilitate faster support and provide additional moderation when needed.

What makes TalkCampus safe to use?

TalkCampus has a number of mechanisms that make it safe to use, including tools for anonymously reporting bullying and inappropriate or concerning posts. These alert administrators and moderators take appropriate action to review and resolve any issues raised.

How do I become a TalkCampus buddy?

TalkCampus trains a small number of students as community peer supporters and provides an online training programme to equip you with skills around how to support someone online including active listening, conveying empathy, self-care and supporting someone who is at risk.
As a TalkCampus peer supporter you will be identified in the community via a badge as someone who has undergone training to be able to support others.
We know that student life is busy so we don't require specific shifts or a set amount of time to volunteer, we just ask that you are an active member of the community and support when you can.
Register your interest here if you would like to become a trained volunteer.

What language should I write in?

TalkCampus is primarily an English speaking network, however, our TalkLife volunteers can support you across 25 languages including Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, German, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Hindi, Korean, Odia, Bengali, Urdu, Spanish, Tswana, Afrikaans, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Greek & Portuguese.

What's the difference between TalkCampus & TalkLife?

TalkLife Ltd is the company that manages and operates the TalkCampus network, to which University of London students have exclusive access (along with other global TalkCampus universities and colleges). The company also runs another network called TalkLife which is a non-student specific network and is available for all to use.