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Is Student Mental Health at Crisis Point?

Spend any amount of time digesting current media discourse and you could be easily forgiven for assuming that ti

TalkCampus - Student Mental Health at a Crisis Point

me spent studying at university constitutes some of the most challenging years of one’s life.

The decline of student mental health is increasingly documented across global media and recent statistical and research releases further evidence this. It seems increasingly apparent that for this current generation of students, the time they spend studying is less characterised by opportunity, forging life long friendships, self discovery and learning and more by anxiety, isolation, feelings of hopelessness and suicidal ideation.

The latest ONS statistics tell us that the suicide rate in young men (20–24) has increased by 31% and the suicide rate in young females is now the highest on record. Research released earlier this year shared shocking statistics suggesting that half of students (50.3%) consider self-harm and a staggering staggering 87.7% struggling with feelings of anxiety. Students are very clearly not ok.

The impact of this is widespread. Universities are overrun with demand for their counselling and support services, Babylon recently estimated this demand as having risen by 6% but for many the figure is much higher. In short, every university is fighting its own battle and the inconsistency in care is apparent. However, waiting times are increasing across the board and resources are understandably creaking under the pressure of such high need.

The pressure to do something more for students is growing and made all the more challenging by limited budgets, calls for universities to take greater responsibility for student wellbeing and a growing number of student suicides where the circumstances are being (often legally) challenged by parents devastated that their children did not get the support they needed at the most critical time.

In a culture where blame is a growing trend it is quite clear that the current challenge is not an easy one to solve and the solution does not land solely at any one parties feet. But we do need to do more; so what does this look like?

We need to support universities to be able to meet the demands their students have for mental health support, to find new solutions to the isolation and loneliness that students are struggling with. We need to make sure that if a student is battling and calls for support, that call can be met with appropriate response no matter what time of day or night. And we need to bring parents into the loop.

Whilst there is a role for traditional services, including counselling, it is critical that we also explore new options for providing support at scale and to cut through barriers including waiting times and stigma. The status quo isn’t working, the biggest risk to students is surely allowing support options to stagnate or be driven by risk aversion and fear?

Our students are brimming with potential that we risk sabotaging. We need to support them to grow into the resilient and brilliant generation that they are capable of and to help them to overcome the challenging modern day environment they find themselves navigating.

There is no doubt that student mental health is reaching a tipping point and there is much to be done. But there is also no doubt that with the right support and guidance we can steer our students on a path to a brighter future.

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